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CD Apparitions


This disk is a compilation of piano pieces interpreted by the composer himself. The magnificent 1928 Pleyel which you will hear on the recording contributes to the immersion into the modern and poetical personal world of Dimitri Tchesnokov.

Duration: 48'

This disc contains: Nuages-Reflets; Apparitions; Nalou; Trois Visions Fugitives; Sonatine; Poème-Vague; Saison russe



Disc contains:

Symphonie Archaïque for brass-band

Ave Verum Corpus for women voices

Les Planètes for organ

by :

Brassage-Brass-Band - direction : Mathias CHARTON

Ensemble vocal les METABOLES - direction : Leo WARYNSKI

Baptiste-Florian MARLE-OUVRARD

duration : 52 minutes


CD Requiem for piano


Requiem aeternam, Kyrie, Dies Irae, Tuba mirum, Rex tremendae, Recordare, Confutatis, Offertorium, Sanctus - Benedictus, Agnus Dei - Communio

Played by Dimitri TCHESNOKOV


Duration : 61'

Saison russe (Russian Season) - seven pieces for piano


This cycle is destinate at the youngs pianists.

Score (18 pages)

Duration : 14 minutes

Little Lullaby, On the Church Square, White Forest, Shout (Jester), Doumka (Ballade), Children at the Market, A Sad Fairy Tale

Archaic Symphony


For brass-band

Score (70 pages) and separated parts

Duration : 13'

Concerto for piano and choir, op.62


Score piano and choir.

72 pages