Alleluia, op.38 (2008)

10.00 min.

Three sopranos - soloists, mixed choir

Created by Elizabeth CALLEO, Arianne-Olympe GIRARD, Karine ABIVEN and the Fiat Cantus choir, conducted by Léo WARYNSKI

Apparitions - five piano pieces, op.26 (2004)

15.00 min.

1. L'ombre d'une caresse,

2. Tourment dans un songe,

3. Les voiles d'un rêve,

4. Vortex bleu ou psychose,

5. Fumerolles

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Archaic Symphony - for brass-band, op.53 (2009)

13.00 min.


Created by Brassage Brass Band conducted by Mathias CHARTON december 12th 2009 at l'église de Saint-Jean de Montmartre (Paris)

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Au vaisseau

4.00 min.

For soprano and piano

Poem by Pierre LOUYS, created by Maria RUETTE

Ave Maria, op.64 (2011)

5.00 min.

for mixed choir and accompagnement ad libitum

(organ, celesta, vibrafon and bell)

Ave Verum Corpus, op.67 (2011)

5.00 min.

for women choir

commissioned by l'ensemble vocal IMO CORDIS conducted by Anne LAFFILHE

Ballade for symphony orchestra, op.27 (2003-2007)

15.00 min. - - percussions (4-5) - strings

Created by Odyssée Symphonique orchestra conducted by Sabine AUBERT at Saint-Eustache church (Paris 1th) 11 october  2007

Blue sails - poem for harp, op.56 (2010)

6.00 min.


Charms - five poems for piano, op.33 (2006)

30.00 min.

Commanded by Piano en Valois festival

Concerto for piano and choir, op.62 (2011)

28.00 min.

Piano - soloist, Mixed chorus

Created by Dimitri TCHESNOKOV  and  Les Métaboles chorus, conducted by Léo WARYNSKI, 29 january 2011 at CRR de Paris during the concerts Cantus Formus organised by Nicolas BACRI

Concerto for string quartet and orchestra, op.57 (2010)

15.00 min.

String Quartet - solo - 2,2,2,2 - 2,0,0,0 - percussion - stringsPercussions : Snare drum, suspended cymbal (1 performer.)

Created May 9, 2010 by Quatuor Debussy, conducted by Leo WARYNSKI in the 7th edition of the Les Envolées Musicales festival.

Concerto grosso for piano and string orchestra, op.20 (2003)

32.00 min.

piano - soloist, string orchestra, tam-tam (ad lib.)

Created by Gautier WILLEMIN, conducted by Dorian LAMOTTE at the first edition of  Les Envolées Musicales festival

Elégie nocturne (Night elegy), op.25 (2003)

11.00 min.

For violin, or viola, or cello and piano

Created by Emmanuelle GARCIA

Ellipsos blue - for sax quartet, op.36 (2007)

15.00 min.

Soprano sax, alto sax, tenor sax and bass sax

Created by Quatuor Ellipsos

Evening requiem, op.41 (2008)

18.00 min.

For 4 soloists and mixed choir

Created by Fiat Cantus chorus, conducted by Léo WARYNSKI